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Register: In order to bid on items, you must register with our online auction. You will then receive an e-mail confirmation and you can set a user name and password and will be required to keep your personal profile up-to-date.

Bidding: Upon registration, click on the auction in which you would like to participate. Then, follow these instructions: At the top of the page you will need to enter your user ID and Password to begin bidding.

You will see a spaces where enter bids “PLACE BID”, enter a Next bid or a Maximum bid for item. Everyone can see the “PLACE BID” amount, but no one will see your Maximum bid (if you choose to enter one). If you enter a Maximum Bid, the auction program will automatically bid for you with $10 Increments, up to your Maximum bid amount.

If you are outbid, a notification email will be sent to your registered address. You may then bid higher if you wish. Every auction has a designated ending date and time. When the auction begins to close-out, 1-4 items (based on the number of lots) will close-out per minute. If a bidder places a bid on an item within the last minute, the auction time will be extended 2 minutes. (This keeps buyers from stealing the current bid at the last moment, or using sniping programs). After the auction has closed, winning bidders will receive an email notification with pick-up and settlement instructions.

Payment: Cash, credit or debit card payment may be made in person on the day of item pick-up. Certain items will not be allowed to leave the property until funds have cleared Airpark Auctions account.

Some items may have a reserve price. Unsold items will be automatic relisted in next auction cycle. Daily Preview 9 am - 5 pm.